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XCP Rust Blocker
XCP Rust Blocker
XCP Rust Blocker
XCP Rust Blocker
XCP Rust Blocker
XCP Rust Blocker
XCP Rust Blocker
XCP Rust Blocker
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XCP Rust Blocker

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XCP Rust Blocker and XCP Rust Blocker Clear Coat are both soft, anti-corrosive compounds. They create a soft, long lasting protective barrier to protect any steel, metal or alloy surface against the effects of rust and corrosion. Spray it, wipe it, brush it or dip it. A soft tack, that resists cracking. Depending on the level of protection required, coating thickness can be further reduced by buffing down if necessary. The bonding of the film with the metal surface will ensure market leading corrosion resistance. If used on coated and/or non-metal surfaces and parts, test on an inconspicuous area first.


There are 2 variants. The original Rust Blocker and the Clear Coat.

The original Rust Blocker still boasts the most superior performance. Following the huge success of the Original XCP Rust Blocker, the XCP team designed the XCP Rust Blocker Clear Coat, for people who really value the cosmetic appearance of the product.


Optional Accessories:

Extension Lance for hard to reach places. 

 Flexible Extension Lance:

  • 60 cm length
  • 360° spray
  • Ideal for inaccessible areas like cavities and box sections
  • Fits XCP Rust Blocker male aerosol valve.

Warning: Flexible extension lance to be used in conjunction with XCP aerosol cans (male valve) only. Check suitability of valve before applying. Do not tamper with aerosol valve or apply lance button if the valve is damaged. The XCP aerosol can is extremely flammable with its contents under pressure. Always read the precautions on the can before use.



Exposed metal surfaces, including engine components, suspension units, undercarriage, box sections, chrome, chains, electrical connections, motors, shafts, spindles, as well as tools and equipment for shipping and storage, and many more! Provides excellent aluminium protection against galvanic corrosion.


For market leading corrosion and rust protection, trust the powerful and unique XCP formula to provide long lasting protection against moisture and other corrosive elements. Beats ACF-50 and other market leaders when compared using salt fog test ASTM B117!


Can be sprayed, wiped, brushed or used for dipping. XCP Rust Blocker will provide a long lasting, soft film finish that will provide outstanding protection against rust and corrosion.


The active ingredients in XCP form a clear soft
film that resists cracking.


XCP Rust Blocker is designed for use on metal parts and surfaces. Treat the relevant area directly with a uniform coating. If necessary, wipe off excess liquid. Allow the product to dry to a soft coating. Drying time will vary, depending on thickness of coating applied and environmental condition. Repeat as necessary. Repeat application may be required after cleaning or significant abrasion of the treated area.