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Never underestimate the importance of the right products to keep your machinery and equipment in top shape. At Walcar, we supply a diverse range of lubricants to protect your valuable machinery investments. The XCP range of lubricants and rust inhibiting sprays have been proven to defend anything from household rust to heavy-duty machinery across all industries such as print, manufacturing, metal works, automotive, aircraft and much more against rust and corrosion. These products have been tested against most all major competing brands in the world and have proven to be far superior.

XCP lubricants have been proven to stand up to the heat, humidity, and friction of mechanically intricate and heavy-duty machinery. These products help you maintain, lubricate, and protect your machinery investments from rust and reduce friction with XCP lubricants. They work with today’s most advanced large-scale machinery as tested by the Sydney international Airport as well as many other companies, and households for personal projects.

People in a range of industries rely on XCP printing lubricants and rust blockers to keep their printing equipment in shape and their businesses on the move. Machinery plays an important role in nearly every type of business in operation today. Whether you have hundreds of employees or you are on your own, XCP lubricants and rust blocker sprays can be relied on to deliver and keep your workflow on track.

We listen to our customers and make every effort to provide the solutions that are right for you. That’s a quality that we have in common with XCP. We are solution specialists dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

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