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Automatic taping or banding as it is interchangeably known is a widely popular packaging method that is used in a variety of industries from printing businesses to banking as well as food manufacturing.

Products can now be strapped together with paper tapes with the range of highly effective and reliable COM taping machines as opposed to traditionally bulky packaging machines which quite often produce a large amount of wastage and consume large amounts of material.

The minimalistic material consumption and wastage coupled with unrivalled reliability is the perfect solution for your banding needs.

Typically these machines are used to band:

  • Finished print materials such as business cards or flyers
  • Paperware such as envelopes
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Food products

COM Banding / Taping Machines

COM WAS 400 Banding - Taping Machine


COM JEZ 300 Paper Banding Machine- Paper strapping Machine


Com JDII 240 Paper Banding Machine - Paper Strapping Machine


Pre-owned Com Banding Machine (Low Use)