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When your business needs an envelope printing machine, you have a wide range of choices. Envelope printing machines vary greatly by speed, image quality, area of coverage, and operating cost. At Walcar, we provide the OKI system, the industry leader when it comes to digital envelope printing.

The world-class OKI envelope printing system pairs with several base printers. This digital colour system has been engineered to produce short-to-medium columns of on-demand envelopes in sizes from C6 to B4. It prints both mono and CMYK colour, as well as variable data, in one quick pass.

Here are your options for base printers:

  • Pro9542: To print on dark media, you need a colour printer that has white spot colour printing to show up. The OKI Pro9542 is an A3 envelope printer with white spot colour printing capability, For envelope printing with world-class quality, higher print speeds, lower cost, the ability to print white on a dark background, and the option to print with a fifth colour, this printer will be your best choice.

  • Pro9541: The Pro9541 provides vibrant four-colour output on white media with quick turnaround and no setup costs. Flexible and versatile, this A3 colour envelope printer can print envelopes up to 330 mm x 382 mm and as tiny as 64 mm x 89 mm. Best for printing white on top of colour or a spot UV gloss.

  • Pro9431: A straight CMYK work horse when you need professional quality results with unmatched media flexibility, you want the Pro9431 A3 colour envelope printer. Engineered to meet the high standards of the graphic arts industry, this printer will help your business create a world-class image for your business and it's customers.


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