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Pallet stretch wrap is a highly stretchable plastic used to wrap around all kinds of items. Pallet wrap gets its name from its ability to “seal” items that are stacked on a pallet. The stretch wrap provides a tight bond on the items and holds them securely in place. Its use prevents product loss, discourages tampering with loads, and even keeps workers who handle the pallets safer. Pallet wrap comes in a variety of thicknesses, widths, and materials. The best wrap for your needs depends on the items you are wrapping with this powerful stretch film.

Unlike shrink wrap, the elastic properties of stretch wrap hold it in place. It goes to work as soon as it is applied to a pallet load. Shrink wrap differs in that it must be heated to create a snug fit. This makes pallet wrap a faster, simpler way to secure a number of pallets quickly and safely.

Pallet wrap may be applied manually by hand, using a semi-automatic wrapper, or with automatic wrappers that do the job for you. Contact Walcar for the best deals on top quality stretch wrap and applicators for your needs. We have solutions that are right for all kinds of businesses of any size.

Pallet Stretch Wrap