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OKI Pro9542WT | OKI Pro9541WT & CLEAR | OKI Pro9431 | OKI Pro8432WT 


Why choose OKI's Pro Series?

  • Powerful White toner & Neon toner technology on demand.
  • High Definition print quality.
  • Unrivalled media flexibility. 
  • Explore new revenue streams for creative and graphic arts businesses.
  • Peace of mind with 3 year onsite warranty.


Walcar offers the OKI Pro Series to help you achieve professional quality printing for a range of applications. The OKI Pro Series range has long been recognised as a leading printer range that provides easy use and exceptional results. The newest versions of the OKI Pro printer range have the features to meet the specific needs of our customers in any industry.

Check out our collection of printers in the OKI Pro Series that get you noticeable eye-popping colour. The OKI Pro9431dn A3 colour printer is designed for graphic arts and creative industries while the OKI Pro 9541 and Pro9542 uses white toner with digital LED colour printing. Create specialty prints in vibrant colours including white on a dark media. High definition LED technology puts you at the forefront of technology.

We have printers for all budgets. Choose the professional OKI A4 neon printer or the OKI A4 white toner printer for short-run colour printing and garment decoration work. Get your message noticed by more customers and grow your business faster.

Every customer has unique goals that influence the best choice in printing equipment for their business. Let us help you make the right choice with one of our OKI Pro printers and printing accessories. We have the products and the experience to help you find the right solutions for your needs.

OKI Pro Series Printers

OKI Pro8432 WT White Toner Printer CMYW

OKI Pro9431DN LED Toner Printer CMYK

OKI Pro9541 DN White & Clear Toner Printer CMYK+W

OKI Pro9542 DN White Toner Printer W+CMYK