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Why white toner printing could be the right choice for your growing decorating business

on September 06, 2023

White toner garment printing refers to a printing process in which a white toner is used in addition to coloured toners in order to print designs onto dark-coloured textiles. This allows for vibrant, high-quality printing onto materials that would otherwise be difficult to print on using traditional colour toners alone. White toner printing technology is often used in the garment decoration industry for custom t-shirt printing, branding apparel, and promotional products.

Gone are the days of limited printing options for dark-coloured textiles. With the advent of white toner garment printing, you can now create custom apparel with vibrant and high-quality designs, no matter what colour the garment is. In this post, we will explore the benefits of white toner garment printing and why it is superior to all other types of garment printing.

Print Vibrant Designs on Dark Garments
One of the biggest challenges of printing on dark-coloured textiles is that the colours of the design are not as vibrant as they are on light-coloured garments. This is because the colour of the garment acts as a background and can affect the final look of the design. With white toner garment printing, you can overcome this challenge by printing a white base layer before adding the coloured designs. This allows for the colours to be more vibrant and true to life, giving you a professional-looking garment that you'll be proud to wear or sell.

High-Quality Prints Every Time
White toner garment printing technology uses advanced LED printing technology to create high-quality, durable prints. Unlike other printing methods, such as screen printing or Direct to Garment printing (DTG), white toner garment printing does not require any setup (screen making or garment pre-treating) or additional materials, making it faster and more cost-effective. Besides, time is our most valuable asset, right?

Customise Your Garments with Ease
Another advantage of white toner garment printing is the ease of customisation. With this technology, you can easily create custom designs using your own graphics or logos, making it perfect for small businesses or individuals looking to create unique apparel. Whether you're creating t-shirts for a special event or customising uniforms for your employees, white toner garment printing is the perfect solution.

Reduced Environmental Impact
White toner garment printing is also a more environmentally friendly option compared to other printing methods. It uses less ink and energy, less maintenance and a wider variety of printable materials, making it a system that grows with your business.

White toner garment printing truly is the future of custom apparel printing. With its ability to produce vibrant designs on dark-coloured garments, high-quality prints every time, ease of customisation, and reduced environmental impact, there's no better option for creating custom apparel. So, why wait? Start creating your own custom apparel today with white toner garment printing.

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