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How To Use Heat Transfer Paper

on March 08, 2022

Heat transfer paper is a brilliant way to create professional-looking branding on various soft textiles, including bags, hats, tote bags and aprons, and even hard surfaces like mugs and wood. If you’re a small business wanting to produce sleek and consistent branding, learning how to use heat press transfer paper is a great way to save money without exceeding your budget for marketing materials. 

In this blog, we will cover our top tips and tricks for using heat transfer paper as well as how to successfully create heat transfer designs on t-shirts. 

Tips on how to use heat transfer paper

First thing’s first — heat transfer paper works with laser and sublimation printers, so you’ll need one of these printers to create your designs. After that, the process is simple. Follow these 6 steps to use heat transfer paper: 

  1. Always read the instructions on your heat transfer paper. Every brand is different, so this process may vary depending on which one you’ve chosen.
  2. Print your design onto the matte side of the sheet.
  3. Cut around your design. 
  4. Make sure your chosen fabric is clean, flat and crease-free. 
  5. Place the paper image face down on your fabric and heat press it for the time advised on your transfer paper instructions. 
  6. Peel off the backing paper and enjoy your new design!

How to use heat transfer paper for t-shirts

One of the most challenging parts of producing heat transfer designs that look professional is getting smooth, even cutting lines around your design. Getting this detail right is the difference between clean designs and ones that have that ‘DIY look’ – fine in and of itself, but not ideal for branding! 

To avoid a messy final look, Forever transfer papers in combination with OKI Pro8432WT or OKI Pro9541WT white toner printers are the best choice. You can select from ‘self weeding’ or no cut papers, which automatically separate your printed design from the surrounding paper for a precise result. 

Applying heat transfer paper designs to t-shirts follows the steps above. However, to get a softer, more natural final look, use the matte or gloss finishing papers on your freshly printed design for optimum feel and durability.

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